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20+ Ninja Foodi Recipes (to get you started)

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These easy Ninja Foodi recipes are a great way to get started and you’re sure to fall in love with this awesome home appliance. Plus, there’s a few tips here on how to make the most of this awesome must have kitchen tool!

Ninja Foodi deluxe on a countertop

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My husband recently bought a Ninja Foodi for me. And I just can’t stop using it. It’s that awesome!

If you’re new to a Ninja Foodi or not sure what it does, I’m gonna break it down just a bit.

A Ninja Foodi is a small home appliance that has the following functions:

  • pressure cook
  • dehydrate
  • steam
  • slow cook
  • sauté
  • sear
  • air crisp
  • bake
  • roast
  • broil
  • make yogurt
  • and more that I’m probably forgetting

This is the Ninja Foodi that we have – we bought the 8qt and it works well for our family of 6. The size seems just about right.

This small home appliance is the ultimate. And I’m pretty obsessed.

salmon made in the Ninja Foodi
Salmon made in the Ninja Foodi

Tips to Getting Started with a Ninja Foodi

When I first began using my Ninja Foodi, I felt a little bit intimidated. I have never used a pressure cooker in my life.

There’s this meme floating around social media periodically. It involves a stove top pressure cooker and a bit of an explosion that destroys the kitchen.

Have you seen it? Anyway, that has always been my fear with pressure cooking.

But let me tell you, using this Ninja Foodi pressure cooker, was totally painless. And pretty simple.

blueberry bread pudding on a wooden cutting board
Blueberry Bread Pudding made in the Ninja Foodi

One tip I learned when I was getting started with my Ninja Foodi was to make sure that I’m paying attention to details.

One time I was getting ready to pressure cook something and I was distracted. I forgot to switch from vent to seal and I was left with water spraying out of the vent.

Another thing that has been helpful to me is to just test out the various functions with random foods and recipes.

Last night, I made a homemade chicken soup in under 30 minutes. From scratch! And it was full of flavor.

I definitely recommend reading the instructions and just playing around with recipes to understand how the Ninja Foodi works. Its really simple once you get started!

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Easy Ninja Foodi Recipes

These easy Ninja Foodi recipes are a great way to get started with your new (and soon to be favorite) home appliance.

Ninja Foodi Recipes

Easy to make recipes using a Ninja Foodi! Save time in the kitchen with this amazing small home appliance.

More Recipes:


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almond scones with honey drizzle on wooden cutting board
Honey Almond Scone (Ninja Foodi)
Ninja Foodi chicken soup in a black bowl
Ninja Foodi Chicken Soup Recipe

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