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Boots & Hooves Homestead by Mary Woita inspires busy moms to live a more natural, healthy & non-toxic lifestyle. From learning simple homesteading skills, to making more nutritious family-style meals using real whole-food ingredients. Here on the homestead, you’ll find that making small changes over time can create the healthy balance you crave.

honey oat bread sliced and on a wooden board.

Home Swaps

Mary headshot in the pasture with a basket of fresh veggies from the garden.

about mary

Hi, I’m Mary! A Traditional Catholic (TLM), loving rancher’s wife, homeschooling mama of 4.

I’m passionate about my faith, family, gardening, and cooking. And of course, coffee.

I’m also very passionate about creating a healthy home for my family. And I want you to feel good about the challenges of creating a less toxic lifestyle because I know how hard it can be, especially in the beginning. As a busy mom, I totally get it!


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