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Boots & Hooves Homestead inspires busy moms, like you to live a simple & healthy life. Here you’ll find tips and tricks for learning how to create that homestead life that you dream of. From simple, healthy & non-toxic ingredient swaps to learning how to raise and grow your own food. Make delicious comforting meals for your family, friends and cowboys — all made from scratch & with love, of course! From the garden to plate & perfect for gathering around the dinner table – together!

Start Your Homestead

Begin your journey towards a more simpler & self-reliant lifestyle. Learn how to raise your own backyard chickens for fresh eggs daily & tips for beginner homesteaders.

Grow Your Own Food

Cultivate the art of growing your own food – from garden to table & beyond. We want to encourage you to grow more of your own food to feed your family and loved ones.

Cook from Scratch

Make delicious food for your family and friends using real food ingredients and minimal effort. Real food recipes made from scratch and with love.

ditch the toxins

Healthy living at home can be difficult if you aren’t sure where to start. Learn how to create a non toxic home with simple green living swaps and natural home remedies.

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Hi! I’m Mary!

I’m a homeschooling mom of 4, originally from Southern California until I was recruited for a job in Nebraska. I met and married my real life cowboy & now we live on the family cattle ranch in rural Nebraska. After the culture shock wore off, I’m fully embracing the quiet country life.

Start Your Homestead

Begin building your homestead dream by learning traditional living skills. Create a beautiful and rewarding life of self-reliance, sustainability, and living off of the land.

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Build Your Dream Homestead


This guide book helps lead you through learning homesteading skills slowly over time as you prepare for your dream homestead. Beginning with the fundamentals of raising livestock, preparing for your first garden, homestead buildings, creating your from scratch pantry & much more!

Grow your own food

Explore the art of the traditional kitchen garden, growing in raised beds, organic growing practices, and much more.

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Companion Planting Guide

Give your seedlings a healthy start & learn to protect them from disease and draw in beneficial insects with companion planting! This simple guide is available to you for free!

Cook from Scratch

Create delicious, made from-scratch recipes, each created to make meal time simpler. These easy to make comfort food recipes are perfect for gathering around the dinner table – together!

Clean Living

Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated! Learn how to create a non toxic home with simple green living swaps and natural home remedies. Let’s ditch the toxins!