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Boots & Hooves Homestead inspires busy moms, like you to live a simple country life. Learn how to raise and grow more of your own food, make delicious comforting meals for your family, friends & cowboys. All made from scratch & with love, of course. From the garden to plate & perfect for gathering around the dinner table – together!

slices of honey oat bread on a wooden cutting board.

10 EASY Comfort
Food Recipes

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about mary

Hello! I’m Mary & I’m originally from Southern California where I worked as an HR Manager until I was recruited for a job in Nebraska. I met and married my real life cowboy and now we live on the family cattle ranch in rural Nebraska. After the culture shock wore off, I’m fully embracing the quiet country life.

Now as a very busy mom of four, I don’t have hours available to spend in the kitchen making dinner or running to the store for specialty ingredients. Hello, rural life!

This means, that I need to be strategic with planning out healthy & hearty meals for my growing ranch family! I bet you can relate!

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