All About Starting your Homestead

This page is filled with essential tips, practical advice and beginner steps as you navigate setting up your homestead dream. From raising your first baby chicks and caring for livestock to seasonal living practices and homestead building projects, this guide covers many aspects of beginning a homestead.

Start Your Homestead

Begin building your homestead dream by learning traditional living skills. Create a beautiful and rewarding life of self-reliance, sustainability, and living off of the land.

Homestead Life

Life on a cattle ranch may sound idyllic, but it is far from a dreamy rom-com country movie and takes a lot of grit. But the rewards are definitely worth all of the extra efforts. Take a glimpse into our day to day life on a cattle ranch. From raising animals (like goats & chickens), to creating a simple life, and everything in between! Here on our little homestead, we embrace simple & natural living.

Introducing my new eBook

Build Your Dream Homestead

& learn traditional skills

This guide book helps lead you through learning homesteading skills slowly over time as you prepare for your dream homestead. Beginning with the fundamentals of raising livestock, preparing for your first garden, homestead buildings, creating your from scratch pantry & much more!

Raising Chickens

Get fresh eggs daily with our beginner chicken guides. Learn how to get started with raising chickens on a homestead, farm, ranch, urban, and country living. This list is perfect for beginners. Whether you are raising chickens for eggs or for meat, we’ve got simple tips for keeping backyard chickens and baby chicks & how to care for them.

Livestock & Agriculture

Our best tips and resources for getting started with raising livestock. Here you will learn the basics for raising goats, chicken care, cattle, ducks, and more. The best information for raising animals on a small farm or homestead!

Seasonal Living

Slow down and follow the seasonal rhythms of nature. This section is full of tips from preparing for winter weather and other seasonal severe weather, to power outages & more preparedness guides. Here you will also find all of our most favorite seasonal and holiday celebrations & diy projects.