All About Gardening

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your journey, this page is filled with practical advice to help guide you. Explore the art of the traditional kitchen garden, growing in raised beds, tips for companion planting, and much more. We want to encourage you to grow more of your own food to feed your family and loved ones!

Raised Bed Gardening

Growing a garden in raised beds just makes gardening so much more enjoyable & there are many benefits of raised bed gardening. Over the years, this method of growing has become one of my favorites! And I want to take you along with me as we create a beautiful & bountiful garden. All inside of raised beds!

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Companion Planting Guide

Give your seedlings a healthy start & learn to protect them from disease and draw in beneficial insects with companion planting! This simple guide is available to you for free!

Gardening Guides

Begin your garden journey

Grow your own food with our gardening guides. From planning & designing your garden layout to creating your first kitchen garden. You’ll find what you need to get started with growing more of your own food. Growing your garden doesn’t have to be complicated, by creating a simple garden layout full of practical tips, and adding a bit of whimsy and beauty too.

Potager & Kitchen Gardening

The beloved potager aka French style kitchen garden — full of deliciousness and beauty too. Enjoy the best of the nature’s beauty & bounty from garden to table. Here you will learn all of our favorite ways of creating beauty in the kitchen garden with inspiration from the traditional French Potager.