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Hello & Welcome

Grab a cup of coffee (because I’m about that life), sit back and relax awhile. I’m Mary Woita, former city gal from L.A. now living the country life.

And I mean deep in the country. As in 20 miles from the local town and 2 1/2 hours from decent shopping. The struggle is real. 

I met my real life cowboy, who spent his childhood where we live now. It was love at first sight and now we have four incredible children. 

This life works for us because we both crave simple things and want those values & morals for our growing family.

My Mission

My mission is to help beginning homesteaders live a more natural and simple life.

For nearly 10 years, we have started several different homesteads, planned & plotted gardens, built new animal structures, and created our homestead dreams from scratch.

And then we started over. And over again.

Life is a journey.

This space is for anyone who is dreaming of beginning a homestead from scratch. A place that is focused on natural and simple living. And it is a space to make small changes towards that homestead way of life. 

What You’ll Find Here

Homesteading: Adventures in rural, country living. This is where I share our experiences in building our homestead. Read More…

Natural Living: From eco cleaning tips & recipes to caring for houseplants & more for a toxic free home. Read More…

Homestead Goats: Learn about raising goats, using them to help clear brush, best breeds, and more! Read More…

Chicken Keeping: Resources for raising chicks to hens. How to guides for keeping your flock healthy & happy. Read More…

Garden Planning: Best resources for planning & plotting your garden from scratch. A beginner’s guide to gardening. Read More…

DIY Projects: Tutorials for building your own farm projects: goat shelters, animal feeders, greenhouses, natural products & more. Read More…

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Beginner Homesteaders

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