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The Homestead Recipe Index is a curated collection of delicious, made from-scratch recipes, each made with love & created to bring your loved ones around the dinner table together. I also believe that the food we eat directly contributes towards our overall health and wellness. Here you will find simple recipes your whole family will love with real food ingredients. And without any added stress! Here you will find delicious comfort food recipes made with whole food ingredients.

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melted mozzarella cheese on top of the meatball subs.


skillet of the finished tortellini with a blue and white plaid tea towel to the side and forks stacked on bowls

Quick & Easy



Dipping an air fried ravioli into marinara sauce.




Chickcozy chicken coop door with two chickens in front of the door & coop.

Henny & Penny!

egg carton filled with a variety of colorful eggs

Farm fresh eggs!

Have Fresh Eggs Every Day!

With Your Own Chickens

Raising backyard chickens for farm-fresh eggs is a rewarding and sustainable venture. Beyond the joy of having feathered companions, these beloved birds provide a daily supply of nutritious eggs right from the comfort of your home. Raising chickens in your backyard allows you to take control of the egg production process, ensuring that your hens are well-fed, healthy, and treated with care. The taste of farm fresh eggs is unparalleled, offering a rich flavor and vibrant yolk that commercial eggs often lack.

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slow cooker

white serving platter with air fried ravioli.

air fryer

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two white plates of spaghetti noodles with meatballs and marinara sauce


slices of chicken pot pie on white plates with the pie dish in the background.