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40+ Healthy Egg Recipes

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Looking for fresh meals and recipe inspiration for using up your extra eggs? In this post, you’ll find more than 40 healthy egg recipes. Plus, a few sweet treats, too!

Originally published in 2017, this post has been updated in 2020. 

finished mediterranean frittata in a cast iron skillet, a perfect healthy egg recipe

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Healthy Egg Recipes

It’s that time of year. The time where, for us chicken keepers, our hens are providing us with an abundance of eggs. In fact, we are currently in egg overload around here. But what to do with extra eggs?

We have sold some and even given some away, but our chickens are still producing extremely well.  I’ve made a lot of scrambled eggs and quiches.

But with my family, I need to keep things fresh and exciting. I mean, there’s only so many things I can do before everyone starts to feel burned out.

So, I have partnered with several amazing food bloggers to share this fresh list of ideas to use up those farm fresh eggs. You’ll find more than 40+ healthy egg recipes in this list. And a few sweet treats, too!

And I’ve also compiled a few other ideas besides just cooking them!

This egg skelter we use is perfect for keeping tracking of how old eggs are. Get yours here!

Want to know a secret to best tasting scrambled eggs ever?

Its really very simple. Just add a splash of milk or heavy cream to your eggs before mixing them up. Gently whisk the eggs and cream together.

Add to a warm skillet and cook low and slow, stirring occasionally until done. The trick is to cook them low and slow.

Seriously, the best tasting scrambled eggs I’ve ever had!

Rhode Island reds and brahma chickens

Hatching Eggs is Another Option

How to Hatch Duck Eggs

How to Hatch Chicken Eggs

Tell me, how do you use up those extra eggs when you’re in overabundance? Here are some great tips for preserving the egg bounty: 30+ Ways to Preserve Eggs

How I store our farm fresh eggs:

This egg skelter is awesome and helps me keep track of which eggs are freshest.  And this egg basket is perfect for gathering eggs. My young children use it daily.

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Clean and Healthy Egg Recipes

Do you have an overabundance in farm fresh eggs? Here's a handy collection of farm fresh recipes to help inspire you for using up that bounty!

More Fresh Recipes:


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collage of healthy Mediterranean recipes
Healthy Mediterranean Recipes
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Ninja Foodi Bread Pudding

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Jimmie Benavidez

Thursday 28th of September 2017

Donate our extrs rggs to the food pantry, also they collect alot of egg cartons that i can reuse.

Mary Woita

Monday 9th of October 2017

Love that idea. :)

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