How to Build a Garden Arch Trellis (Cattle Panel Archway)

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Transform your garden into a stunning oasis and learn how to build a garden arch trellis — simply. This easy diy cattle panel archway is a simple project that will elevate your vegetable garden that doesn’t take much time! You’ll have a simple diy arch trellis in under 20 minutes!

Building an arched trellis with cattle panels and T-posts is a sturdy and practical way to support climbing plants like vines, cucumbers, or tomatoes while adding an attractive architectural element to your garden.

cattle panel arch trellis in the garden.

Adding lovely garden arches is a great way to create a practical and beautiful garden. By training the plants to climb in vertical gardening, you’ll also create height and save space in the garden.

Garden trellises are also a simple way to build a focal point or create an interesting shape and add a bit of whimsy to the garden.

Let’s dig in!

Gather your supplies

Transform your garden with a beautiful arch trellis that you can build for under $50! With simple materials and easy instructions, you can create a stunning addition to your outdoor space.

Here’s what you’ll need:

16 ft. 4-Gauge Cattle Panels (aka livestock panel, hog panel will also work

4 ft. Steel Fence T Post with Anchor Plate (4 in total)

Galvanized Steel Wire – baling wire or mechanic’s wire are great options. Zip ties are another option.

Post driver


Tape measure


You can find most of these supplies at your local home centers, hardware stores, Tractor Supply, Bomgaars, Home Depot, etc.

Building a garden arch trellis with cattle panels and T-posts is a sturdy and practical way to support climbing plants like vines, cucumbers, or tomatoes while adding an attractive architectural element to your garden.

Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to build cattle panel trellises:

Choose your location for the arch trellis

Depending on what you would like to grow on the arch trellis, you should choose a location that gets adequate sunlight for the plants. Typically most plants will need about 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Some options that we use these arch trellises are in raised garden beds and several as stand alone archways that create whimsy and height to the garden.

If you don’t have raised beds, these still work well for any garden space.

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Measure and mark

Measure the width of your garden bed to determine how wide the trellis should be. Mark the spots where you will install the T-posts, ensuring they’re evenly spaced and the same distance apart.

Install T-Posts: Use a post hole digger or a T-post driver to install the T-posts into the ground at the marked spots. Make sure they are sturdy and driven to the desired depth.

Position the cattle panel

Place the cattle panel between the T-posts, positioning it at the desired height for your trellis arch. You may need a helper to hold the panel in place while you secure it to the side of the arch. This may be the most difficult part of the whole thing.

Use wire or zip ties to attach the cattle panel to the T-posts. Start at one end and work your way to the other, making sure the panel is straight and secure. Trim any excess wire or zip ties with wire cutters.

using wire to secure the cattle panel to the T posts.

If desired, use a level to ensure the trellis is straight and level. Adjust the T-posts if necessary to achieve the desired level.

You may have noticed that our arches are a little bent in some places. We have been able to repurpose the cattle panels that we use in our garden from the ranch. My husband saves old cattle panels that are bent from the cows and no longer useable for the ranch.

But they still make excellent archways for plants to grow on!

Plant your climbing plants

Once the trellis is installed, plant your climbing plants at the base of the trellis. Train the plants to climb the trellis as they grow by gently tying them to the panels with twine or plant clips.

Some ideas for types of plants to grow on the arch trellis:

  • pole beans
  • grape vines
  • cucumbers
  • sweet peas
  • melons
  • climbing roses
  • tomatoes – yup, replace those old unsteady tomato cages!

My favorite uses for the cattle panel arches are for green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and roses. We’ve even grown heavy fruits and squash on these cattle panel trellises with a lot of success.

Florals are also great options for growing on the arch trellis. We have wisteria and climbing roses growing on arches that are entrances to our kitchen garden.

In the past we’ve also grown butterfly peas, morning glories, and other vining plants to add to the beauty of the garden structure.

Optional: add decorative touches

If desired, you can paint the T-posts or add decorative elements to the trellis to enhance its appearance and create a fun beautiful area to our raised bed garden. This is my big project this spring since all of our T posts are different colors currently! 😝

I like to add solar panel twinkle lights to the archways to add a little whimsy and enjoyment at night.

Here’s some more fun ideas for adding whimsy to the garden. I also like to add these string lights to the garden.

garden arch with beans and string lights in the garden.

Maintenance for your arch trellis

Regularly check the trellis for any signs of damage or instability. Prune and train your plants as needed to encourage healthy growth and proper coverage of the trellis.

By following these steps, you can build a garden arch trellis using cattle panels and T-posts to support your climbing plants effectively while adding beauty and functionality to your garden space. Good luck! 🌱

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