Pantry Staples List

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Keeping a well stocked pantry not only helps during an emergency. But it also helps with creating budget friendly meals. This simple pantry staples list will help get better prepared for whatever life throws your way!

When dealing with power outages during blizzards or other emergency situations, having pantry staples on hand helped our family survive.

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Pantry Staples List

Rural country living has taught me how to get prepared for life’s unexpected events. We’ve had numerous amounts of natural disasters where we were cut off from grocery stores.

Even leaving our dirt road has not been an option on many occasions.

From state wide flooding, to blizzards, and 75 hour power outages. And a world wide pandemic. The biggest lesson to come from these experiences… is to always be prepared.

I put together this simple list of pantry staples that I like to have on hand for any of these trying times. Or just to have on hand during the midwest winters.

And these items also helps to create budget friendly meals too.


  • flours
  • baking powder
  • baking soda
  • yeast
  • sugars (white, brown, powdered, etc)
  • bread crumbs
  • vanilla and other extracts
  • salt
  • oats
  • dried fruit
  • cornmeal
  • cocoa powder
  • nuts
  • chocolate chips

Grains & Legumes

  • variety of dried pastas
  • instant and regular rice
  • couscous
  • farro
  • lentils
  • dried beans
  • popcorn
bulk pantry staples of grains and oats in brown paper bags

Canned / Jarred Foods

  • variety of fruits & veggies
  • tomatoes – paste, stewed, diced, sauce, etc
  • beans
  • meat / fish
  • stock / broth

Seasonings / Spices

Theses are a list of the seasonings and spices that I regularly stock my pantry with and wouldn’t want to be without during an emergency.


  • quality olive oil
  • vinegars
  • ketchup
  • mustards
  • salad dressings
  • mayo
  • salsas / hot sauces
  • bbq sauce
  • honey
  • maple syrup
  • nut butters
  • jams / jellies
  • soy sauce / coconut aminos

Convenience Foods

  • pancake mix
  • canned soups
  • instant potatoes
  • cake / bread mixes

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