How to Raise Goats on a Small Farm

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For a homesteader or small land owner, goats make an excellent livestock option. And maybe you’re wondering, how to raise goats?

As a beginner with keeping goats, there can be so much information to take in.

What do you need to get started with raising goats? And what type of shelter and food do goats need?

And what types of plants do they need to avoid when grazing?

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goat on a bale feeder

How to Raise Goats on a Homestead or Small Farm

We have been raising goats for several years. And my husband has a lifetime of experience with raising cattle and various other livestock.

My husband grew up on his family’s cattle ranch where he learned the needs of livestock. And he learned from his father who also had a lifetime experience from growing up on his family’s farm.

I’m sharing a roundup of posts that I’ve put together over the years with our experiences.

I’d like to consider this as a one stop place filled with all of the information to help you on your journey with raising goats.

Save this list and refer to it whenever you need some guidance when learning how to raise goats.

learning how to raise goats and their fencing needs - an alpine goat is trying to climb over the fence

Goats can serve so many awesome purposes. Whether you want to raise them for dairy, meat, fiber, or use them for brush clean up. They even make excellent pets!

They are wildly entertaining! Just look up baby goat videos on social media. Goats are also master escape artists. It really is quite impressive to watch them learn how to get into places they’re not supposed to be in!

I’ve watched our goats climb a tree just to jump over the fencing. Smart animals!

What You’ll Find in this Goat Raising Guide:

  • Best breeds of goats for various purposes
  • Tips for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum in goats
  • Baby goat care
  • How to DIY your own goat feeder
  • Build a simple goat shelter
  • And more!
goats in an outdoor pen

Goat Health Tips

As with raising any animal or livestock, regular health care is necessary. Those with experience know how to spot the signs of certain conditions or administer vaccines.

And there are other times where it is necessary to call a professional. Personally, I always prefer and recommend that anyone should consult with a veterinarian for guidance.

This will help in proper treatment options and to prevent a misdiagnoses.

How to Raise Goats

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