10 Awesome Benefits of Goats

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Goats are just plain awesome. I’m going to share my reasons why we find them so fascinating and why every homestead needs goats.

But first, a little background…

I haven’t always been a country girl. I was big city living until I met and married my husband. And I didn’t start small or simple, either. We are deep in the country. About 40 minutes or so from the “big town”.

This town has a couple of grocery stores, a hospital, but that’s about it.

No Starbucks or Target or Whole Foods.

It’s a nice little town, but still doesn’t have the conveniences that I was used to. The even bigger town with more shopping is a good couple of hours away.

I digress.

goat standing on feeder

Where was I going with this anyway? Oh, yes. I started my path in the country life and homesteading with purchasing our first set of baby chicks. They’re the gateway animal for sure!

I’ve learned a lot over these past few years. And now we have a variety of animals.

After several attempts to convince my husband that we needed goats. He finally agreed. The trick was to get him to think it was his idea. Wink.

Goats are pretty awesome. They’ve grown into an amazing part of our family.

Here’s a few reasons why every homestead needs goats.

1. They are totally cute. I mean, just look at these sweet guys/gals featured in this post.

white pygmy goat standing next to a goat shelter

2. Most goats are affectionate and give snuggles regularly. Our trick is to start snuggling them when they’re young. It totally tames them.

two newborn baby goats standing in a pile of hay

3. Goats prefer to browse brush, weeds, shrubs, and plants. 

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So, they are awesome at cleaning up our land. While they won’t give you a manicured lawn, they have cut mowing time for us a lot over the summer.

goats grazing in a grassy pasture

4. They provide fertilizer and mulch if you compost. Our gardens have been abundant since adding goat manure!

pygmy goat eating grass

5. They are entertaining! Goats are always getting into shenanigans and baby goats are incredibly adorable. Just take some time to watch a baby goat playing. Totally worth it!

pygmy goat standing on deck railing

6. Most goats are great with children especially if tame and trained properly. They are generally kind, loving, and patient.

goat and little girl next to fence

7. And because of their calm nature, they make great animals for children to learn responsibility with.

two little girls feeding hay to the goats

8. If used for dairy, they give awesome milk and you can make cheese, butter, and yogurt.

goat cheese on small pieces of bread and displayed on a wooden serving platter

9. They are vocal and we have regular conversations with them.

two baby pygmy goats in a fenced in run

10. Our goats are great protectors. They warn us if someone is approaching the driveway and if there are predators nearby.

Ours have been good protectors for our chickens and ducks.

group of goats looking up at the camera

These are just a few of the reasons why goats are so awesome and why we have grown to love them! And why every homestead needs goats.

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  1. I must say that I have fallen in love with your page! I am not big on blogs but this one is really something special! Thank you for all of the insight and advice.

  2. I also married a farmer who breeds Kalahari goats ! I love the goats i have recently been bottle feeding Premmie baby goats 24/7!!!!
    I was also a city girl it’s quite a different way of life for me too big I was a nurse and we are adaptable !

  3. I have seen old pictures of kids riding in a cart pulled by a goat! Might help with harvesting and getting kids to and from friends, etc.