Raising Chickens – Resources to Get Started

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Are you just getting started with chickens on your small farm? Or maybe you are just looking for a bit of a refresher when it comes to raising chickens.

raising chickens for beginners

Raising Chickens

Where exactly do you start? What do chickens need to be healthy & happy?

There’s so much information out there when it comes to getting started with raising chickens.

I’ve decided to compile all of my chicken raising chicken posts into one blog post. Here, I’m sharing my best tips and tricks for helping you to navigate the world of chickens.

In this post you will find information on raising chickens for beginners, how to protect them from predators, and introducing new chickens to an established flock.

Plus many tips & tricks for keeping your chickens happy and healthy during the various weather seasons.

And What About Those Farm Fresh Eggs?

Here are a few resources to guide you with those amazing farm fresh eggs that your new hens will give you.

Do Farm Fresh Eggs Need to be refrigerated?

What to do with Extra Eggs

Egg Muffin Cups Recipe

Mediterranean Frittata Recipe

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How to Raising Chickens – for beginners
How do you get started with raising chickens? I’m sharing my best tips for getting started from chickens to hens. Here’s everything you need to raise chickens for beginners.
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black speckled chicken sitting on eggs in chicken coop
5 Best Chickens for Pets
If you want a group of super friendly chicken breeds on your homestead, this is the list for you! It will help you to choose the best chicken breed to raise as pets.
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little girl collecting chicken eggs
How to Introduce New Chickens to an Existing Flock
Do you have an established flock of chickens already, but you want to add new hens or baby chicks to the mix? These tips will help you to make sure your mixed flock will get acquinted safely.
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chickens getting to know each other
Ducks VS Chickens
What are the differences with raising chickens vs ducks on a small farm? Learn the benefits of having each on your homestead.
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chickens and ducks together in outdoor run
No Longer Free Range
When we started raising chickens, I wanted to watch them free range around the farm. We quickly learned that was a bad idea! Here’s what we do instead…
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Chicken Predator Control
If you live in an area prone to various chicken predators, this post will help. A list of some common and not so common chicken predator control solutions.
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brahma chicken next to an electric fence
Keeping Chickens Cool in the Heat of Summer
Keeping chickens in the hot summer days doesn’t have to be complicated. These tips will help keep your hens healthy and happy during the heat of summer.
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chickens free ranging in the yard
Guide to Raising Chickens in the Winter
Making sure that your chickens stay warm, healthy, and happy during the cold of winter. A simple guide to raising chickens in the winter.
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raising chickens in the winter with snow and perched on a branch
Raising Ducks and Chickens Together
Can you raise ducks and chickens together? I’m sharing some great tips on keeping chickens and ducks together safely.
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ducks and chickens together in a pen

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