Raising Boer Goats

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Boer Goats makes a great addition to the homestead for a variety of reasons. It is a popular choice as a meat breed of goats. And Boers are also often preferred for showing or for 4-H projects.

Boer goats standing on a hay feeder

Characteristics of Boer Goats

Boers are the top choice of many raising goats for meat. Their bodies are large and hearty.

Often, these goats will have brown heads with white bodies. But, they can also be all white, brown, or paint (large spots of a different color on their bodies).

Boer goats are often known as “gentle giants”. This is because of their large stature and overall docile temperament. This makes them an excellent choice of goat for children to raise.

This breed of goat is one of my husband’s favorite to raise. The does make excellent mothers, and these goats typically have high fertility rates, and they are fast growing.

large male Boer goat

Why Raise a Boer Goat?

Almost any breed of goat can be raised to be friendly and easy to handle. And some breeds, like Boers are almost always docile.

Now, there are always exceptions to this. Sometimes you’ll end up with a wild one, no matter what breed of goat it is.

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Boer goats are highly marketable. This is another reason why my husband prefers them over other breeds. If you are looking for a little side hustle, you might want to consider raising Boer goats for profit.

Often times people will look for this breed to raise as a pet. Or for their children to learn how to raise goats. Boers are often preferred to raise as show goats.

baby Boer Goat cross breed standing next to a gate

Cross Breeding Boers

Boer goats are an excellent choice for cross breeding. We have successfully bred our Boer buck with our Alpines, Nubians, and Kiko goats.

Certain other breeds would make a poor choice for cross breeding. Because of the large size of a Boer, breeding with a Boer sire to a La Mancha doe would not be recommended. As an example.

The same goes for any smaller frame doe. This could lead to complications in the pregnancy and an extremely hard birth for the mama.

Are you new to raising goats, check out this resource for how to raise goats on a small farm. It is loaded with information for everything you’ll need to know about raising goats. From DIY goat shelters to fertility, pregnancy, and baby goat care.

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