Easy DIY Rustic Herb Planters

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These simple DIY rustic herb planters are super easy to make. With a few supplies, you can quickly transform terra cotta pots.

Who else has had it up to here with winter? In case you were wondering, I’m raising my hand. I can’t be the only one who gets weary with winter dragging on for what seems like forever.

Today I decided to get a little jump on Spring with these easy DIY rustic herb planters.

I’m sure many of you are in seed starting mode right now. So why not add a little rustic inspiration with some pretty new planters?

close up image of the herb planters

How to Make DIY Rustic Herb Planters

I found this neat little idea from HGTV and made a few adjustments. Here’s what I did.

I started this project with ordinary Terra Cotta planters. These are the ones I used for this project.

unpainted terra cotta pots for the rustic herb planters

Next, I painted them with a white milk paint. I love this brand for projects! When I painted it, I tried to make it look a little rough. So the brush strokes were pretty much all over the place.

Another thing I did differently compared to the HGTV version, was to use gray chalk paint on top of the white for a little rustic, distressed flare.

I’m kind of lazy and didn’t want to make the extra effort with actually distressing it. So I felt like this was a good solution to that problem.

I used this chalk paint in Shiloh Gray and applied small amounts, then blended it in well.

chalk paint used for the diy rustic herb planters

I’m pretty much obsessed with typewriter font right now. So when I found this idea, I was pretty stoked. I already had these stamps on hand, but you can find them here.

stamps and ink pad used for diy rustic herb planters

I liked that they didn’t look perfectly placed. I also went with a green ink pad because I wanted a little more pop of color. It doesn’t show up as well as black ink, but I like that color.

Head’s up, the ink could potentially rub off. I’m not overly concerned about that since I’m using this herb garden indoors and keeping them set up in a window near my desk. I don’t think this would hold up outdoors.

And my little helpers, kind of chipped a few of the planters. But I think that adds a little to their rustic charm.

children help plant seeds in easy diy rustic herb planters

Such a super simple project, but I love the look so much better than regular old Terra Cotta pots!

oregano herb planter

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