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herbs in terra cotta planters

5 Easy Herbs to Grow

Herbs are a great way to get started in the garden. Here are a few easy herbs to grow. Herbs don’t take up much space, have both medicinal and culinary uses. And they are really beautiful in the garden, or in a vase on the kitchen table. Additionally, if you choose the right herbs, you …

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companion planting marigold & cabbage

Benefits of Companion Planting

Spring is here and many of us are planning and prepping for garden season. Today we are sharing the benefits of companion planting and the best tips on getting started.  Learn what plants grow well together and how to get started with companion planting.  From starting seeds to harvesting your vegetables, gardening is hard work. Make …

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growing lettuce in a greenhouse

What to Grow in a Greenhouse

There are many possibilities with starting greenhouse gardening. After my husband built my dream greenhouse, I began to research a whole lot. I wanted to know what to grow in a greenhouse. Because I knew nothing about it.  Two of my favorite things about gardening in a greenhouse is the extended growing season and starting …

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garden planning in zone 5

Garden Planning in Zone 5

Planning out our garden for ultimate productivity and helping to maximize growth is always a huge priority for me. This guide for how to plan a garden in zone 5 list is helpful to staying on track. It may seem like the hustle and bustle of the summer is a distant memory. And even though …

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