Galvanized Raised Beds: Olle Gardens Raised Bed Review

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Modern raised garden beds have proven to be a time saving way for a more productive garden. And in this post, I’m sharing my honest review of Olle gardens galvanized raised beds.

raised garden bed with cabbage, broccoli, and other greens.

This post is sponsored by Olle® Gardens. Raised beds were provided courtesy of Olle Gardens for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Galvanized Raised Beds by Olle®

If you want to have a successful home garden, you should build a raised garden bed. It will prevent wild critters from digging and eating your fresh vegetables. And it will bring you success in the garden year after year.

After we switched to using raised bed gardening, we’ve seen numerous benefits. They’ve provided us with bountiful harvests, save time and energy, and they’re so much easier to maintain weeds.

And if you have soil that needs amending, raised gardening is such a great option for making this easy.

We were recently sent these galvanized metal raised beds from Olle® Gardens for review. So, let’s chat a bit about our experience with these raised beds.

raised bed with herbs and garden straw.

Benefits of galvanized beds

Galvanized raised garden bed frames have all the advantages of a dedicated raised bed garden, but require assembly.

But, good news — these beds from Olle® are incredibly simple to put together!

My husband was able to assemble four of them in just a couple of hours. The most time consuming part of the project was peeling the protective plastic from the panels.

In short this garden bed kit is easy to put together, great quality, and very sturdy. They make a very stylish addition to the home garden and require minimal maintenance.

Pro tip: when assembling these beds, put together one side panel and one corner piece to help them stand up while working on the other pieces. We found this to be super helpful!

The below image is the options of metal raised garden beds from the kit that we selected for review. The configurations or options we chose to build from this kit are the two ovals.

Olle® Gardens raised bed box with options on box.

I really love the options and flexibility of these raised beds. You can choose from a variety of options to suit the best needs of your garden space and budget.

They look great in both small and large spaces, on decks, porches, or patios.

They also add to the curb appeal if you choose to use them upfront of your home or to line a driveway.

There are several color options to choose from too, like sage green, cobalt blue, ivory, and grey.

We chose the midnight grey color beds. And I love how bold and striking this color is in the garden!

planting fresh culinary herbs in the new raised herb garden bed.

More awesome Olle bed benefits:

  • Olle Gardens’ beds are strong & sturdy! The galvanized steel panels are 0.8mm thick.
  • Built to last 20+ years!
  • The beds are heat resistant – so no need to worry about the soil becoming too hot for your plants.
  • The raised garden beds have an open bottom design that helps drainage and promotes root development.
  • These raised beds are made of 24 gauge galvanized steel coated with Aluzinc, a zinc-aluminum alloy, which is rust-resistant and durable against extreme weather conditions.
  • 100% food safe! They’re made with food grade coating that is safe for herbs and vegetable gardening – so you can feel good about growing for your family! No worrying about unsafe chemicals leaching in to your food! 🙌

Installing the raised beds

These steel beds were very easy to put together. They are simple enough that one person can easily install them on their own.

If you have two people available, even better. But it is not necessary!

But if you’re installing on your own, start with a corner piece and side panel piece. This will help the bed to stand up while putting the rest of the bed together and we found it much easier for putting the beds together.

installing the galvanized raised bed.
using a wrench to tighten nuts and bolts on the raised beds.
finishing up the side panel of the raised bed.

💡 Helpful Tips

Olle® kits provide all of the necessary tools needed to build these raised beds. But we did find that when building multiple beds, using a battery ratchet was super helpful in saving time and energy.

This is the battery ratchet that my husband uses and loves. It makes a great addition for all of your homestead jobs!

After your beds are installed, don’t forget to add the rubber safety strip to the top of the bed’s edge. This feature is great for protecting yourself, children, and pets from getting cut on the sharp metal edges.

trimming the rubber edging for the raised beds.

After your raised beds are put together, move them to your desired location in the garden.

You could add the beds directly to the ground or use landscape fabric for a weed barrier.

We are converting an old cattle pasture to a garden space so there are a lot of native grasses and weeds in this space.

Because it has been troublesome for maintaining the weeds in the past, we used a thick landscaping tarp for this space. We then made drainage hole areas throughout the tarp.

If going with a barrier in the garden, be sure to include good drainage.

We followed the Hugelkultur method for filling the raised beds. This method is the process of layering organic garden waste inside the raised garden bed.

This method will save on extra expenses and provides beneficial amendments to the soil.

Here’s how we filled the beds:

  • layer of cardboard, logs, branches & sticks
  • old rotted hay (kitchen scraps, leaves, grass clippings also works)
  • compost
  • organic top soil

Over time the layers will break down and settle a bit, so we will top it off with good organic compost and top soil as needed.

After planting the garden plants in the late winter / early spring, we also love to use garden straw mulch for an extra weed protection around the plants.

Learn more tips on filling a raised here.

cardboard, logs, and sticks in the bottom of the raised beds.
a layer of hay in the raised beds.
using a tractor to add garden soil to the raised beds.

🖤 Featured Raised Beds

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raised garden bed with asparagus, strawberries, and poppies.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Is galvanized metal safe for raised garden beds?

The short answer is yes. These Olle Gardens beds are made with food grade coating that is safe for vegetable gardening – so you can feel good about growing for your family! No worrying about unsafe chemicals leaching in to your food!

How long do galvanized steel raised beds last?

20+ years! Olle Gardens beds are made of 24 gauge galvanized steel coated with Aluzinc, a zinc-aluminum alloy. Which makes it rust-resistant and durable against extreme weather conditions. 

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