Inspiring Fall Tablescapes

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Are you looking for inspiration and fall table decorating ideas? Look no further! I have some amazing and truly inspiring Fall Tablescapes to share with you all.

In this post, you’ll find 20+ inspirational table decor ideas and tablescapes for a variety of styles and trends. And many of them are budget friendly!

pumpkins and candles on table runner
PC: Melissa Shumate

When it comes to decorating for a season, all it takes is a little bit of inspiration. And when it comes to sticking to a budget, it may take a little bit of shopping around and possibly some DIY projects.

One of my sisters does an incredible job of creating something beautiful from thrifted and antique store finds. I’m featuring her and some of her creative Fall decor.

fall table setting
PC: Melissa Shumate

Fall Table Decorating Ideas

According to Melissa from Silver Creek Cottage, when it comes to home decorating she follows one rule. There are no rules! Just always remember to have fun, don’t overthink it. And if it sparks happiness, keep it.

She goes on to say, “When it comes to design, I try to stick to things that feel cozy. We all have a different interpretation of cozy, but for me it usually involves layers.

Layers of vintage laces and linens, knitted blankets, candles, pops of warm tones, and a neutral palette.

I find a lot of inspiration in antique stores. Vintage and antique pieces tell a story for me and I often imagine how antiques were used in their glory days. I think of how I can incorporate antiques into my home to make them useful again many years later.”

white pumpkins and candles on farmhouse table
PC: Melissa Shumate

Creating a Fall Tablescape

Here are 20+ more fall Tablescapes and table decoration ideas to plan out your cozy Autumn themed home decor. There’s such a variety of awesome ideas here from some super talented DIY and home decor bloggers!

Fall Tablescapes

Create a little bit of coziness in your home with these amazing Fall Tablescape ideas. Plan out your next Autumn themed table setting with these inspiring projects!

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