The Best Eco Friendly Kitchen Tools

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If you’re on a mission to become more natural, you’ll find the best eco friendly kitchen products in this post. 

The heart of our home is the kitchen. It is where the family gathers the most often. So this is the first place where I have focused my natural living efforts.

If you are new to the eco friendly and natural living concept, you’ll definitely want to save this list. Heck, even if you’ve been doing it awhile, this list is for you too. There’s some really cool stuff that I’m featuring here!

Easy Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen

Since the kitchen plays such an important part of our overall health, making it more natural is necessary. And doing so doesn’t have to be super complicated. 

I have been working on this slowly for a few years. And now I feel like we are finally in a really good place with natural living. 

I decided to adjust to the changes slowly so that it wasn’t overwhelming and also so that I could get my family to get on board with the changes easily. 

The first big change I made was to replace all of our cleaning products with natural options.  The next change was ditching our microwave. And lastly, I replaced anything toxic with eco friendly alternatives. 

Here I have some basic tips and at the end of this post, I’m featuring the best eco friendly kitchen products. 

Replace the Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products are filled with toxic chemicals that are hazardous. They can trigger allergies, asthma, and often contain endocrine disrupters.

For more information on potential hazards, check out the Environmental Working Group

What to do instead: try making your own natural cleaning products

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Get Rid of the Microwave

Not only do microwaves kill the nutrients in your food, they just make it taste bad. And there’s also the potential risk of radiation. 

I’m all for a clutter free home. So getting rid of the microwave saves on counter space and helps keep the kitchen looking cleaner. It also saves time with cleaning because you don’t need to move the microwave to clean in it and around it. 

Ditch the Plastic

There has been numerous proven studies and research on the many dangers of plastic. Some potential harms are hormonal imbalances, immune issues, neurological and developmental effects.

I definitely don’t want to take any risks when my family is involved! BPA and Phthalates are also of grave concern with them being linked to many health concerns and birth defects with extended use.

Just take some time and do some research. It may shock you. It certainly did for me. 

Try glass or silicone storage instead. 

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Stop Buying Paper Products

Not only does this save on the environment, but it also is a much more frugal option. Yes, paper products might be a little more convenient, but they aren’t great eco friendly choices.

Opt for things like reusable bamboo cloths or a roll of unpaper towels. I’m sharing some really great options down below. 

Skip the Non Stick Cookware

Did you know that non stick cookware is toxic and hazardous to our health? I didn’t know this for many years and I loved the ease of cleaning after cooking a big meal. 

But after learning all about the dangers of heavy metals and leaching, I made the switch to more eco friendly options. I now use my cast iron for 90% of my cooking and stainless steel for the rest. 

Here is a very thorough report all about the hazards of cookware.

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Favorite Eco Friendly Kitchen Products

You’ll definitely want to save this list as you slowly transition to a more natural lifestyle. These products are pretty amazing!

Natural Products for a Toxic Free Kitchen

Looking for items to slowly transform your kitchen in a toxic free zone? This list includes many of the items that I love to use around our home.

Remember, if you are new to natural living, the best way to get started is by beginning slowly. Start making small changes and ease yourself into it. It is something that can get overwhelming quickly. 

And slow changes are the best way that I’ve found to keep myself sane. 

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