Chickcozy Chicken Door Review: Safe And Easy To Use & Install

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Earlier this summer we installed an automatic chicken coop door. In this post, I’m sharing our experience and a review of the Chickcozy Chicken Door.

Today chicken coops have become very common & are a great feature for the homestead for so many reasons!

But do you need an automatic door for your chickens? The short answer is yes.

Chicken owners know the importance of a chicken door that is easy for chickens to access and predator proof! And sometimes we just get so busy that manually opening them can become a challenge.

Today I’m going to share an automatic chicken door that we love and know you will too!

Chickcozy chicken coop door with two chickens in front of the door & coop.

Safe and easy to use automatic chicken coop door

We were gifted this Chickcozy Chicken coop door for our homestead to review. And in all honesty, we just love it.

It was super easy to install and is incredibly safe to use. The door opener also has built in sensors to protect the chickens from being crushed in the doors. Because other door openers have been known to do this! 😨

I don’t know about you, but our chickens are more than just animals, they’re our pets!

These coop doors are also super simple to use, our children are able to operate them without any trouble! But it also comes with a child lock if needed for younger children.

This is another thing that I really love about this brand – they’re very mindful of safety. And they’ve provided necessary features with safety in mind.

Using an automatic chicken coop door opener will make your life much easier. It will open and close your chicken coop door automatically!

Daily open and close automatically

This programmable chicken coop door allows you to open and close your coop door automatically. You can open the door at sunrise and close it at sunset.

The chicken coop door opener automatically closes down for the night so there’s no need to worry about predators coming into the coop if you’re away for the evening. 🙌

This has always been a challenge for us while out on errands or away from the homestead for the night. I really love this feature since it gives us an added peace of mind.

With this coop door, the settings are easily done in under 1 minute. And you can always reset all the settings if needed!

two Rhode Island Red chickens standing inside of chicken coop door way.

Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door features

  • easy installation
  • weather proof
  • sliding door design

Chickcozy is the first auto chicken coop door that opens and closes horizontally from the center to both sides. Paired with a touching safety sensor, making this door the safest automatic chicken coop door.

  • two power supply modes – battery powered and outlet powered provides you with more options
  • there’s no need to reset the time when changing batteries
  • no noise when opening & closing the door
  • Light sensor control
  • timer control
  • safety sensor

This automatic chicken coop door is made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). Which is a type of ultra-strong thermoplastic that is predator & weather proof. It is suitable for most areas & weather conditions from -20°F to 140°F.

The control panel of the coop door is designed with a waterproof ring to ensure that average rainfall will not affect the automatic chicken coop door.

These coop doors are available in Dark Goldenrod (this is the color we chose) and Lime Green.

→ For more information about the Chickcozy & to purchase, check out this link. Use code BHH5 for 5% OFF of your order!

chicken coop door closed.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Are automatic chicken coop doors worth it?

If you want a little bit of peace of mind while raising your flock, you’ll definitely want the added protect of an automatic chicken coop door.

What is the best automatic chicken coop door for cold weather?

The Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door is made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). Which is a type of ultra-strong thermoplastic that is predator & weather proof. It is suitable for most areas & weather conditions from -20°F to 140°F.

What are the dimensions of a chicken door?

This coop door dimensions are: 12″ width 13.9” height (closed), 16.7” width 13.9’’ height (opened). And the hole size is: 8.15” width 10.4’’ height.

Are automatic chicken doors predator proof?

The Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door is made of a type of ultra-strong thermoplastic that is predator proof.

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