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Why We Chose to Downsize Home

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You would think that with our family growing in size, we’d want to look for more space or a larger home. (After all, we just became a family of six recently!) But in fact, it is the very opposite choice around here. We have plans to downsize home and work on even more simple living. 

I know that this probably isn’t the popular choice for most people. In our modern world, bigger homes are usually the norm. And filling them full of various possessions is a goal that most aspire towards.

Bigger isn’t always better. 

We aren’t exactly minimalists, but we do want to keep our home clutter free, organized, and as simple as possible. So downsizing our house is the perfect choice for our family. 

Downsizing can mean different things for different folks. It can be simply decluttering the home, making a journey towards minimalism, or downgrading house square footage. Each person has to make that call for what works for their family.

There are three main areas which we will be downsizing this year. One is our home square footage, another is the homestead processes which we undertake, and the last is to further declutter and simplify our lives. 

And one of these changes means moving and building our homestead almost completely from scratch. 

little girls helping clean windows

Why Downsize Home – What are the Benefits?

There are a ton of amazing benefits to downsizing home. I’ll touch on just a few that our family has experienced over the years of simple living and what we are working towards in our new home move. 

First off, I want to clarify a few things. 

Just because we live simply doesn’t mean that we don’t use modern conveniences. We don’t live off the grid and we aren’t about to move into a tiny house at this time in our lives. 

And while I have nothing against any of those things, they just don’t work for our family dynamic. 

Instead we are working on downsizing the square footage of our home, but still remain comfortable as a family of six.

And we are decluttering even more of our possessions to only keep those things which we truly value or what brings joy to our lives. 

We are also simplifying several things we do around the homestead this year. Doing all the things isn’t always beneficial. Especially when life is just short of chaotic. 

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country ranch land

The land site of the future home!

Less Stress

Downsizing for us means less stress. There’s less to maintain, less cleaning, less to organize and declutter. 

Keeping a clean and organized home, creates happiness for our family. There’s more time for family bonding because we don’t have the stress and worry of having to declutter. 

Spiritual Aspects

Having too many possessions can sometimes create a distraction from spiritual thoughts. Many of the saints chose to follow Christ’s example by getting rid of their possessions. 

Blessed are ye poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. – St Luke 6:20

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. – St Matthew 5:3

To be poor in spirit is to be humble and truly trust in God and less in the things of this world. 

For us, we try to be good stewards and thankful for the gifts that the Good Lord provides our family. And when our lives are cluttered both interiorly and exteriorly, it is hard to think of spiritual things. 

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Saves Money

Downsizing home and living with less saves money. It is budget friendly because we no longer make random and frivolous purchases. 

Everything serves a purpose and if we don’t have the extra space for something, there’s less temptation to make a purchase. 

There’s also the added benefit that smaller homes are more energy efficient and they cost less to run overall.

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dining table with runner and demijohn with Eucalyptus leaves

Inspires Minimalism & Simple Living

Downsizing our home life helps us on our simple living journey. It helps us to focus on what truly matters in our lives by only having room for the things which we absolutely love and need. 

And we’ve experienced the added benefits of more peace & calm. 

3 Ways to Get Started

  1. Purge & Declutter
  2. Change Habits
  3. Encourage Family to Get Involved

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